11 Resources for Funding Fire and EMS

Let donors explore their stand-up comedy aspirations with an open mic night. Invite a professional comedian to emcee and keep the night moving. The more neighbors that partake in the event, the more fun your event will be.
Consider inviting people to bring a dish to be shared – potluck bingo night. As a way to encourage people to provide food, you could provide a free bingo card for those who bring a dish. The first step in organizing a bingo night is determining where the event should be held.
Attract local businesses – they will be eager to sell hot or cold food or provide pre-movie entertainment. When your food fundraiser is over, don’t forget to thank those who donated their food, space or gift items. Thank your sponsors on your website, social media channels and in print publications.
While a large department like Detroit Fire may have five fire chaplains, a volunteer fire department would most likely rely on area pastors for their fire chaplain needs. Reach out to your local department and set up a meeting to speak to the fire chief about their fire chaplain needs. The selection process usually includes individual and panel interviews; background, fingerprint and reference checks are also part of the process. A fire chaplain can be appointed by his or her fire department and must be endorsed by their religious organization. In rural areas, a fire chaplain can be a local pastor who volunteers their time to help a fire department. There are also firefighters who have ministry experience that volunteer their time when off-duty to do chaplain work.
While this fundraiser won’t bring in tens of thousands of dollars, it’s a low-cost and easy way to raise a little extra money. Students and other supporters can gather pledges from their friends and family members for the number of pages of books that they can read in a month. You can either charge a fee to put up Christmas decorations or to take them down after the holidays are over. Post pictures of your tasty treats online next to your pricing structure for your community to see.
It usually includes pancakes, syrup, fruit, eggs and sausage, coffee and juice, etc. Find a facility to host your breakfast and prepare your food, and ask volunteers who have food handling experience to lend a hand. Hold a bake sale and ask participants to collect pledges or pay an entry fee for freshly baked goods. Have fun prizes for the teams with the highest sales and most creative displays. The best way to have a successful silent auction is to have some creative ideas for the auction items.
Host an event where everyone can enjoy some great wine while attracting support. Charge an admission fee to participate in your event, and have a sommelier lead the tasting. Sell tickets to your event and encourage people to ask questions in the chat feature during your livestream. A virtual 5K allows your supporters to complete a 5K on their own time. Simply give them a window of time in which to run or walk a 5K.
Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas fundraising approach raises funds for the department’s needs and builds goodwill with the community, who witness the firefighters’ commitment firsthand. Award prizes to top finishers, best costumes, or most creative use of glowing accessories to keep participants motivated and excited to join future races. The proceeds from the registration fees and additional sales will support the fire department’s initiatives and resources. Pancake breakfasts are another easy and affordable way to introduce families to your department while raising funds. Pancake breakfasts can be held at a local restaurant if you can find a place willing to sponsor your event, or you can have it in your very own station.
You can charge a small fee for this fundraiser or make the event donation-based. Either way, it is wise to have donation buckets readily available during the event. In addition, you can sell your annual fire department calendars and tee shirts at the car wash for additional revenue. The department gets a donation, while the donor gets to see physical proof of their contribution. You can share the “Buy a Brick” campaign on social media to encourage community members to participate.