Modern Furniture Modular Sectionals & Bean Bag Chairs

The sofa beds at Expand Furniture are some of the most unique and beautifully designed on sale. We always work hard to ensure that your are comfortable on your sofa bed, but we also know how important it is to have piece of furniture that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Find any number of our stunning designs that best suit your needs as a small home dweller with our multi functional, modern sofa beds on sale at Expand Furniture. Utilizing the corner of your small home is important to maximize the space.
In our experience, this is simple to do, and overall we found The Sofa’s assembly to be straightforward, though easier with two people. For both sofa styles, you will need to access the PDF instructions on Floyd’s website. In 2023 Floyd released their newest and deepest sofa, The Sink Down, which rivals Six Penny in seat depth (34 inches deep). Almost comfortable dining chairs would be good in a tight space, since the seat depths lean toward the shallow side (between 21 and 22 inches deep).
Sofas are larger and can seat four people, while a couch is smaller and can seat two or three people comfortably. Traditional sofas tend to be considered more formal and couches more informal. The word sofa is often used to describe a more structured piece of furniture, while the word couch refers to comfortable, casual seating. Traditionally, a couch had no arms and was often used for napping, but you’ll find plenty of couches with arms these days. Slumberland Furniture offers unparalleled variety and quality in terms of couches and sofas, so be certain to check them out today!
Hold It Contemporary Home is a curated collection of over 100 modern brands carefully selected and placed into one showroom experience that is always changing. Take a look at our stunning vignettes in our showroom and browse our collections by room on our website. The ICON is sleekly upholstered in premium TG leather with a split leather on the back and sides.
For ultimate relaxation, a power sofa that reclines at the touch of a button is a great choice. Many of these power sofas also feature a Tilt headrest, which allows your head to easily tilt forward to read or watch TV while your body is reclining. There are even sofas with lumbar support controls to ensure that your back is comfortable as you sit.